my story

I have travelled down unknown paths, which had too many downs and less ups and that has given me a learning process and wisdom which money cannot buy.

My father was in government service. We had a very restricted childhood, and never had enough money or resources. An early restricted childhood in a small town helped me to understand life’s struggles.  At that point in time, it was important to understand the value of the family, the people around us, how it was important for everybody to be together in order to survive. Those values have got diluted over a period of time in the current generation, and need to be shared with them. That’s the primary reason why I want to help others.

During the times we were growing up, parents usually decided our career path. My father wanted me to become a doctor and my mother maintained that even as a child, I was interested in treating imaginary patients and playing doctor.

We did not have access to many books when we were growing up. It was mostly cartoon comics. Phantom comics were popular and he influenced me with the way he thought and took care of people. Later, we had Panchtantra. Mahabharat left a lasting impression. These books really helped in shaping my outlook.

I have suffered so many setbacks in my life. My failing in Class 12 was a huge setback. But I realized over a period of time that failing is normal.

Growing up in a large family had its own set of challenges. One had to compete with cousins in studies and play. I did not have my own room or table till I went to Medical College. Wherever you found a corner, you sat and studied. Nobody would chase us to study. If the exam results were unfavourable, there would be many critics; however, no pat on the back if you did well. To top it all, I was dyslexic, so for me understanding things in the right perspective was questionable from day one. I never passed an exam till class 8 and I even failed in class 12. How much more challenging could it get!

Outside of work, I have tried a lot of things over the years. I play considerably good golf. The stint with the guitar was short-lived. I learnt to play the keyboard too. Sometimes I failed. I realized that I am tone deaf. I cannot sing, I could not master musical instruments, and I cannot dance. All romantic aspirations about playing a guitar and singing went out of the window. But I was good at horse riding. Trying out something new and failing does not bother me, and does not deter me from exploring new interests. Infact, it keeps me fresh!

I am not stressed at work and neither at home, because I am happy with whatever I am doing. I am not striving to achieve something very big, but trying to do things I can do, and always for others. That means I am happy if I succeed and not disturbed if I don’t. A calm mind can survive any turmoil; any distressful situation will pass. But if you are always agitated, the slightest disturbance will make you even more so.

I am not angry 99.9% of the time even if I may appear so. I raise my voice strategically to yield best results. I have walked out of institutions that I built from scratch, and yet I do not suffer sleepless nights, nor am I stressed in the least. I will build another, and then another, and will continue to help people. All I want is to alleviate the health ailments of as many as I can. Knowing that I have put in my best effort, the outcome does not rob me of my peace!

Copyright Dr. Alok Roy

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